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Susanne started Blackbird Artisan Pie Company back in the fall of 2019, completely by accident. She had broken her leg, and spent close to four months in bed. While bored out of her mind, she found herself reading about the Day at the Farm's Pie Contest, in the Delta Optimist. She decided that baking a pie was something she could do. She submitted the pie to the contest, and was completely bewildered when they announced she had won! The grand prize was an incredible pie-themed gift basket from Vinca's Kitchen. What does one do with a lot of pie related items? Bake pie!

Susanne had spent the previous several years as a "cookier", and already had a commercial kitchen at home. She posted a few photos of her pies, and made a wonderful connection with the team at Emma Lea Farms. Thousands of pies later, the rest is history! In 2020, she also started working with Gourmand Macarons & Friends, and in 2022 made a fantastic connection with Pork Mafia. Also in 2022, she connected with Cookie's Ice Cream in Ladner Village.

Susanne and her husband Jason (couldn't ask for a butter man... he's cut thousands of bricks of butter), are the proud parents of Jakob and Ellie. Jason's family goes back generations in Ladner, and they love the sense of community and caring they find here.


Susanne is a fierce advocate for children and youth with disabilities, and has been involved with fundraising for the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research, since Ellie was born. She is on the board of Delta Life Skills Society, and when she's not creating in the kitchen, she is often found in her vegetable garden, or out on a hike (will never take mobility for granted again).

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Lindsay and Susanne's moms were best friends, and because of that relationship they've known each other "forever". When the business got to be a bit more than Susanne could handle on her own, she started looking for someone to help in the kitchen. Lindsay is the perfect fit! She's funny, so creative, has incredible attention for details, and makes the day fly by like there's no work being done at all. 

Lindsay and her husband Marcin have two beautiful little girls, and live in Ladner. When she's not running around after her young kids, Lindsay owns Lulu & Rose Co., wooden toys for your littles, where (yet again) her creativity shines.

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