Hi! My name is Susanne, and I love pie. I love every aspect of it, from cutting butter into flour, rolling, crimping, braiding, and experimenting with fillings. I once ate an entire pumpkin pie, while I was pregnant with my son, and had to bake an extra one so my husband wouldn't know!

Our daughter, Ellie has a rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi Syndrome. It is an awful, life threatening disorder, and there is no cure. For years we ran successful fundraising walks, but with Covid affecting everything about group gatherings, we now fundraise by donating the proceeds of our sales to PWS research. Please www.fpwr.ca for more information.

Making food for others is one of my life's biggest joys. I love how happy people are when they eat a good pie. We use only locally sourced, simple ingredients. I only use butter in my pastry, and every pie is handmade with care. 

We can do vegan, no-sugar, and gluten-friendly pies upon request.

Awards & Nominations:

I won the 2019 Day at the Farm Pie Contest for my Caramel Apple Pie!